Listen to the Voters Lobby Day, April 18th

In November, voters in Maine supported Question 2 – the ballot initiative to fully fund our schools by asking the wealthiest to pay a little more.  Twice in 5 years, Governor LePage pushed through huge tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Mainers, leaving our state without the resources to support our public schools.

 Now, even after Question 2 passed, some legislators are trying to overturn the will of the voters.  There are 5 different bills to repeal Question 2 and Governor LePage’s budget does the opposite of what Question 2 was intended to do.  His budget proposal would cut taxes for the wealthiest Mainers while cutting funding for our public schools. 


On Tuesday April 18th, Mainers from every corner of the state will have a Lobby Day to talk with legislators in the State House to talk about the need to fully fund our schools. 

You can register here:

If you have never participated in a lobby day before, have no worries.  Staff from Maine Voices and the Maine Education Association will be on hand to help you.  We promise the day will be fun and empowering.

Legislators work for the voters, not the other way around.  Come to Augusta and have your voice heard.  Register here:

If you are unable to make it April 18th, consider coming on April 20th instead. 

If you have any questions feel free to email the director of Stand Up for Students, John Kosinski, at



For more information, e-mail Stand Up for Students here.