November Referendum Question on Tax Fairness and Fair Funding of Public Education is Now Question 2

Stand Up for Students urges Mainers to vote YES ON 2

Stand Up For Students, Vote Yes on #2AUGUSTA, ME | JUNE 27, 2016 – Now that Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has decided the numerical order of this November’s ballot referenda, Stand Up for Students is moving full speed ahead in urging Mainers to “Vote Yes on Question 2.”

QUESTION 2: “Do you want to add a 3% tax on individual Maine taxable income above $200,000 to create a state fund that would provide direct support for student learning in kindergarten through 12th grade public education?”

“With both the wording and the ballot location settled, now it’s time to focus on the substance of our effort, which is to bring tax fairness to Maine and fair funding of public education to all Maine students,” said John Kosinski, Campaign Manager for Stand Up for Students.

“The problem is that for too long now, our state tax policy has favored the wealthiest Mainers, at the expense of increased opportunity for our children. Our public schools have been underfunded, denying too many children the opportunities they need to succeed. We don’t think that’s fair. This initiative offers a solution that gives students a better future.”

The State of Maine is obligated to fund 55% of the cost of K-12 public education. It has never met the full 55% of the cost. Last year, the State of Maine funded only 47.5% of the cost of K-12 public education, falling short by $154 million. “Passing this referendum ensures that our children and grandchildren will receive the education they deserve, regardless of where they live,” Kosinski added.


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